51 Scholarships awarded in Radom, Poland (Oct. 2010)
REPORTED: October 15th, 2010

Polish Orphans Charity, on October 15, 2010, awarded 51 scholarships for artistically talented children. The annual ceremony took place in the City of Radom, Poland. Each scholarship was equivalent to CAD$1,000.00.

The scholarships are to be used to acquire musical instruments, artist’s materials or other supplies which will help these artistically talented children pursue studies in the arts as part of a continuing program by the Polish Orphans Charity to help orphaned children in Poland and around the world.

During this year's annual ceremony, its organizer, Mr. Krzysztof Gajewski stated, "... I am very pleased to share some other good news today. What makes us very happy (me personally, and all members of the P.O.C. foundation) is the fact that, during this year, we have an opportunity to expand our Scholarship Program in other cities in Poland. Therefore, we've been honoured with the presence of representatives of Kielce and Warsaw, who join our ceremony today to see first-handedly our development of the scholarship program in Radom..."

Also this year, the first Radom Scholarship was awarded in memory of DOROTA and ROMAN FURMAN, and the first Mazovian Scholarship was awarded in memory of ANNA and EDWIN CICHON. Both of these couples spent their lives in Canada, but have never forgotten about their homeland, Poland. They dedicated a part of their estate to support Polish orphans and children in need.

Please see more details about this year's scholarship ceremony in Radom here.

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