Gifted orphans win scholarships
REPORTED: November 30th, 2009

Twenty-one artistically gifted orphans in Poland were awarded scholarships of $1,000 each by the Polish Orphans Charity at a ceremony in Radom, Poland Nov. 10. The scholarships are to be used to acquire musical instruments, artist’s materials or other supplies which will help them pursue studies in the arts.

The scholarships, which were widely reported in Polish media, are part of a continuing program by the Polish Orphans Charity to help orphaned children in Poland and around the world.

"I congratulate you on the success of this event, and on the outstanding work of the Charity in providing such generous support to artistically-gifted orphans here in Poland," commented Canada’s Ambassador Dan Costello. "This inspiring work will no doubt be of important assistance in enabling them to pursue and achieve their full creative potential."

“Our organization is very proud of this accomplishment,” said Dr. Richarda Russ, president of the Polish Orphans Charity. "We are particularly grateful to our volunteers from the City of Radom for their diligent work in selecting appropriate candidates for our grants."

This is the third consecutive year in which scholarships have been awarded to artistically gifted orphans in Poland.

In addition to the scholarships, the Charity’s recent activities have included supplying more than 50 Polish orphanages with playgrounds.

The Charity has also given support to orphans in Italy, Greece and Afghanistan. In Canada, the Charity has also donated funds to the Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto, which displays a plaque honouring our contributions in the surgical ward.